Doctor Mirabilis

This illustration by Geoff Taylor, was originally used on Doctor Mirabilis, written by James Blish,

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Doctor Mirabilis


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Doctor Mirabilis, After Such Knowledge Book 2 - art by Geoff Taylor


In this painting by Geoff Taylor there is a monk like figure on rocky outcrop, in the background a planet and a comet and a large open book. All these set on a blue landscape of snow capped mountains appearing above a mist.


After Such Knowledge Book 2

Synopsis for Original Title

This is the strange, compelling story of Roger Bacon. Ambitious, impatient, mutinous, Bacon was a man of his times with a vision reaching far beyond even our own day. Subject to the harsh, narrow confines of Church-dominated "science", Bacon dared to venture into the deep waters of theory, risking deadly accusations of heresy and black magic. Against a vividly realised backdrop of thirteenth-century England, Paris and Rome, James Blish wrote an engrossing account of this lonely prophet and suspected sorcerer.




Gouache on Artboard

Size approx.3
19x14 inches or 48x35 cm
Original (£1000)

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