Freeze Frames

This illustration by Geoff Taylor, was originally used on Freeze Frames, written by Katharine Kerr,

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Freeze Frames


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Freeze Frames - art by Geoff Taylor
Interzone, December 1994 #90 - art by Geoff Taylor

Synopsis for Original Title

As a young woman, Maggie Corey hangs out on the corner of Haight and Ashbury with flowers in her hair, listening to exciting new bands inventing the San Francisco sound, meeting "Dr. Lucky," the drug designer who becomes her daughter's father. Young and beautiful, Maggie is used to being watched by men - but she's never encountered anyone like the mysterious Nick Harrison. Nick sets her up with Dr. Lucky, but he never says much to her directly. He just seems to be everywhere ... watching. When Dr. Lucky moves on to greener pastures, Maggie prepares to raise her child alone. She and the baby move to the country, away from the depredations of the big city scene. But wherever they go, Nick will watch her and generations of her daughter's daughters ... until he's ready to stop watching and take action.




Acrylic on Artboard


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