Imperial Assassin

This illustration by Geoff Taylor, was originally used on Imperial Assassin, written by Mark Robson,

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Imperial Assassin

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Detail Image - the original painting has no assassin - art by Geoff Taylor


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Imperial Assassin - art by Geoff Taylor
Imperial Assassin - art by Geoff Taylor


This artwork by Geoff Taylor comprises of two paintings combined digitally. The background a night time city scene with a tall building lit by lightening fash, and the man on the rope attempting to scale the building. Both of these are for sale together.


The Imperial Series book 2

Synopsis for Original Title

Declared outlaws by the Emperor, the Guild of Assassins strikes back hard. The Emperor must act fast. He needs someone to infiltrate the Guild. All attempts to locate the assassins' headquarters have failed and Femke is already known to the assassins. So Reynik, the young legionnaire, must penetrate their inner circle to discover the Guild's secrets. But secrets kept hidden for over five centuries command a high price is Reynik is ready to risk his life for the mission?




Acrylic on Artboard

Size approx.3
27x17 inches or 68x43 cm

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