The Lightless Kingdom

This illustration by Geoff Taylor, was originally used on The Lightless Kingdom, written by Jonathan Wylie,

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The Lightless Kingdom


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The Lightless Kingdom - art by Geoff Taylor
The Lightless Kingdom - art by Geoff Taylor
The Lightless Kingdom - art by Geoff Taylor
The Lightless Kingdom - art by Geoff Taylor


A young woman dressed in a cloak and wearing a triangular pendant around her neck, beside her on a rocky outcrop by the edge of a river or sea estuary. Close by are three Meer cats looking around. In the distance is a futuristic city, and a beautiful sky beginning of a sunset.

Synopsis for Original Title

After restoring the magical balance of the rocking stone, Gemma begins her search for the remarkable valley that she has saved - and longs to be re-united with Arden. During their travels together, she had been shown the different futures which could exist for her world, and must now decide how to use her unreliable wizardry for the best. She knows that the Guild in Great Newport must be overthrown, and cannot bear to consider the alternative. But other, unforeseen forces are at play on the southern continent - and what is the Lightless Kingdom?.




Gouache on Artboard

Size approx.3
14x17 inches or 35x43 cm
Original (£900)

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