Present Tense

This illustration by Geoff Taylor, was originally used on Present Tense, written by Dave Duncan,

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Present Tense


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Present Tense - art by Geoff Taylor
Die Klippen des Heute - Dave Duncan - art by Geoff Taylor


In this painting by Geoff Taylor a red stormy sky with lightning bolts lights up a set of Standing Stones like those at Stonehenge are in the distance. Close up there is a stone structure like an alter with bowls of golden metal are laid out standing before them is a figure of a man with a spear and holding a dagger to his chest. Behind on the lower sand and pebble ground are two rows of four soldiers with round gold shields and spears standing to attention.


Great Game Trilogy

Synopsis for Original Title

Present Tense. In the midst of the horror of the first World War, a stranger falls from nowhere into the mud and death of the Flanders battlefield bruised, babbling, and stark naked with a remarkable story to tell. Wrongly accused murderer Edward Exeter has reappeared on this Earth bearing scars and secrets. From somewhere he calls next door--a place old godly intrigues and an ancient prophecy that he wants no part of. But powerful forces on both sides of a mystical border have other plans for the young fugitive. And now, in the company of loyal comrades, he must flee murderous pursuers from two separate worlds. But there is no escape from his destiny. For Exeter has obligations to the past and the future that must be met...if myriad civilizations are to survive.




Acrylic on Artboard

Size approx.3
16x29 inches or 40x73 cm
Original (£1000)

Availabe to License

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