Rise of a Merchant Prince

This illustration by Geoff Taylor, was originally used on Rise of a Merchant Prince, written by Raymond E Feist,

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Rise of a Merchant Prince


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Rise of a Merchant Prince - art by Geoff Taylor
Rise of a Merchant Prince - art by Geoff Taylor
A book cover using the art - art by Geoff Taylor
Rise of a Merchant Prince - art by Geoff Taylor

Synopsis for Original Title

Roo Avery, recently returned from a harrowing brush with the armies of the Emerald Queen, is now free to choose his own destiny and his ultimate ambition is to become one of the richest and most powerful merchants in Midkemia. But nothing can prepare him for the dangers of the new life he has chosen where the demand for repayment of a debt can be as deadly as a knife in the shadows. Even those closest to him are suspect and as Roo struggles to build his financial empire, betrayel is forever close at hand. His instinctive cunning will serve him well, but he will soon realise that the road to success is far from smooth.




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