The Rituals of Infinity

This illustration by Geoff Taylor, was originally used on The Rituals of Infinity, written by Michael Moorcock,

Original Art

The Rituals of Infinity


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The Rituals of Infinity - art by Geoff Taylor


This artwork has been digitally enhanced from the bookcover

Synopsis for Original Title

It is nearly three decades since the discovery of the sub-spacial alternates - twenty-four lumps of matter hanging in limbo outside space and time, each sharing the name of Earth. Now there are only fifteen of them - the rest blown to extinction by the ruthless attack of the D-squads. Even the surviving planets are doomed to a cruel, mutilated existence. Standing between them and their final destruction at the hands of the merciless demolition teams is Michael Moorcock's zaniest hero - the brilliant and offbeat physicist Professor Faustaff.






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