Swords of Lankhmar

This illustration by Geoff Taylor, was originally used on Swords of Lankhmar, written by Fritz Leiber,

Original Art

Swords of Lankhmar


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Swords of Lankhmar - art by Geoff Taylor
Ill Met in Lankhmar - art by Geoff Taylor
Die Schatten Von Jai Pendu - Valery Leith - art by Geoff Taylor
Die Widerspenstige Schwerkampfer - Dave Duncan - art by Geoff Taylor

Synopsis for Original Title

Fafhrd was a huge, full-bearded barbarian from the Northlands. His weapon--a broadsword. The Gray Mouser was a small, nimble man dressed all in gray. He carried both rapier and dirk. In Lankhmar they were considered brawlers, cutpurses, rogues..and the best fighting-men in all of Nehwon. For which reason Overlord Glipkerio Kistomerces hired them to guard an important shipment to a neighboring monarch. For once, in their lifetimes of adventuring, our heroes looked forward to an easy time--until the mingols, a two-headed dragon, and an army of miniature warriors appeared to make things interesting.




Gouache on Artboard


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