The Wizard and the Warlord

This illustration by Geoff Taylor, was originally used on The Wizard and the Warlord, written by Elizabeth H Boyer,

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The Wizard and the Warlord


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The Wizard and the Warlord - art by Geoff Taylor
The Wizard and the Warlord - art by Geoff Taylor
The Wizard and the Warlord - art by Geoff Taylor


The fourth book in the World of the Alfar

Synopsis for Original Title

Sigurd grew up with his grandmother, bothered only by the trolls that seemed bent on destroying their settlement. Then she died, leaving him a mysterious box he couldn't open and a confused warning against some dread warlord or wizard — he couldn't be sure of which from her final ravings. Then the grim warlord Halfdane came to abduct him by force into the Realm of the Alfar. Now he was a virtual prisoner in the hill fort of Halfdane, caught in a bitter war between light and dark elves. And he seemed trapped on the losing side. His only hope was to escape and somehow learn what powerful magic was contained in the box and which everyone seemed bent on stealing from him. Of course, there were a few walking dead, a cursed sword, and a multitude of savage trolls to be faced. But the strange wizard Jotull was willing — oh, very willing — to help him!




Gouache on Artboard


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