Ragnars Claw

This illustration by Geoff Taylor, was originally used on 'Ragnars Claw'

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Ragnars Claw

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Detail Image - art by Geoff Taylor


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Ragnars Claw - art by Geoff Taylor
Ragnars Claw - art by Geoff Taylor
Ragnars Claw - art by Geoff Taylor
Ragnars Claw - art by Geoff Taylor
Warhammer - Коготь Рагнара - art by Geoff Taylor
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Space Wolf, Ragnar, one of the Emperor's Space Marines in a jungle scene with a city burning in the background.


RAGNAR'S CLAW A Space Wolf novel by William King F ROM THE DEATH - WORLD of Fenris come the Space Wolves, the most savage of the Emperor’s Space Marines. Ragnar’s Claw explores the bloody beginnings of Space Wolf Ragnar’s first mission as a young Blood Claw warrior. From the jungle hell of Galt to the polluted cities of Hive World Venam, Ragnar’s mission takes him on an epic trek across the galaxy to face the very heart of Evil itself.




Acrylic on Artboard

Size approx.3
15x20 inches or 38x50 cm

Availabe to Licence

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