White Dwarf 223 Lizardmen

This illustration by Geoff Taylor, was originally used on 'White Dwarf 223 Lizardmen'

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White Dwarf 223 Lizardmen


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White Dwarf 223 Lizardmen - art by Geoff Taylor
Limited Edition Bookmark, Lizardmen.  - art by Geoff Taylor
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Lizardmen, in this painting by Geoff Taylor shows the lizardmen, with their sharp teeth and forked tongue, protecting their Temple City, like The Aztecs temples. One of the Lizardmen is wearing an animal skin and is wielding a scythe type sword and holds a totem like spear. In the foreground a snake is beginning to entwine around the Lizardman's foot


The Lizardmen are a faction in the fictional Warhammer Fantasy setting, and an army in the tabletop wargame Warhammer Fantasy Battle (based in the same setting), which is created by Games Workshop. The Lizardmen forces have a mesoamerican / Aztec themed culture, and are composed of various reptilian and amphibian creatures, including many based on dinosaurs and pterosaurs.




Acrylic on Artboard

Size approx.3
20x27 inches or 50x68 cm

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