White Dwarf 247 - Fortress

This illustration by Geoff Taylor, was originally used on 'White Dwarf 247 - Fortress'

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White Dwarf 247 - Fortress

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Fortress box art detail ancient battering ram - art by Geoff Taylor
Frotress box cover art detail Goblins! - art by Geoff Taylor
Detail Image - art by Geoff Taylor


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White Dwarf 247 Fortress - art by Geoff Taylor
Warhammer Fortress box cover - art by Geoff Taylor
Warhammer Fortress - art by Geoff Taylor
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A mighty fortress with an epic battle scene. A large battering ram is making it's way over a drawbridge with its gate raised. Burning missiles from giant trebuchets light up the sky like comets. Burning arrows are shot from a huge crossbow mounted above a battering ram. Fiery blasts of flame and smoke along the battlements show banners still being held aloft. A stormy sky with lightning bolts. Orcs verses Goblins.


Warhammer 40K, WH40K or simply 40K is a tabletop miniature roleplaying wargame produced by Games Workshop




Acrylic on Artboard

Size approx.3
31x21 inches or 78x53 cm

Availabe to Licence

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