Die Tochter der Himmelsscheibe (version 1)

This illustration by Geoff Taylor, was originally used on Die Tochter der Himmelsscheibe (version 1), written by Wolfgang Hohlbein,

Original Art

Die Tochter der Himmelsscheibe (version 1)


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This art was not used - art by Geoff Taylor


This painting by Geoff Taylor was painted but not used for the cover of Die Tochter der Himmelsscheibe or The Daughter of the Sky Disc. A red thunderous sky a sword with the Sky Disc is facing a crowd two armies of fighting men coming together on a hillside to fight a battle. Shows the battle scene with banners and weapons.

Synopsis for Original Title

More tolerated than respected the girl Arri lives with her mother Lea in a small village where they have taken refuge over ten years ago. However, with increasing age Arri is increasingly aware of how much they differ from the other villagers in appearance, but also their habits and customs. Your mother seems reluctant to talk about their past. One day, however, opened Arri that they are the last survivors of a mysterious island kingdom, which has gone down in a terrible natural disaster. But that's not all - the High Priest of Goseg urges that Arri is to be married to a man from the village and her mother Lea reveal the source of their secret knowledge of healing arts and nature. In addition, sometimes more stranger in the forest have been spotted around the village, which seem to follow anything but peaceful intentions. For Arri, the search begins for his own past, which also means at the same time the painful farewell to childhood and the first steps in the confusing life as adults. In the first volume of the sky disc epic hollow leg strikes rather quiet sounds and thus represents once more his skills as a storyteller to the test. Without having to rely on exaggerated drama have developed the novel after a short time such a vibrancy and fascination that are hard to submit it again out of the hand. A significant share of this undoubtedly have the two strong female main characters and the convincing descriptions of living conditions in a Bronze Age village, the daughter of the Sky Disk is the thrilling launch of a new fantasy cycle with historical background of one of the most successful authors of the German fantasy




Acrylic on Artboard

Size approx.3
16x26 inches or 40x66 cm

Availabe to License

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