Druid's Bane

This illustration by Geoff Taylor, was originally used on Druid's Bane, written by Phillip Henderson,

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Druid's Bane

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Druid's Bane by Phillip Henderson, art by Geoff Taylor - art by Geoff Taylor


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Druid's Bane by Phillip Henderson cover by Geoff Taylor - art by Geoff Taylor


Druid’s Bane artwork by Geoff Taylor shows a young woman with blue eyes and long blonde hair, her gloved hand holds a sword.


Arkaelyon Chronicles

Synopsis for Original Title

With the Illandian Spring Tournament in full swing, the citizens and nobles of Arkaelyon’s capital city are in a fever of excited speculation as the king’s only daughter, Danielle de Brie, and her twin brother, Kane, prepare to face each other in the tourney ring for the deciding match. Determined to free herself from the fear her twin brother has always provoked in her and to show the world that men such as Kane de Brie can be defeated, Danielle has every intension of making her brother’s title her own. But even as the two royals climb the stairs to Illandia’s famous dueling ring, Danielle has no idea that a rescind coven of druids are about to change her world forever or that the deep animosity between Kane and her is fated to plunge the realm into civil war. A dream the night before is the only hint she has of the dangerous manipulation that is stirring in the shadows of her father’s realm. But the frightful vision is so diabolical that she writes it off as likely the product of her fatigue after a hard fought week of competition and the fact she is about to face her greatest fear in the tourney ring. But when she makes passing mention of the dream to the Lord Protector, Father Joseph’s response and the secrets he and a priestly order protect are destined to set her on a desperate and perilous path to prevent the fulfilment of a prophecy that if realised will not only see to the destruction of her father’s kingdom and every land on the continent—but herald the rise of an ancient and tyrannical order of Larniusian Druids who plan to restore the authority of the dark goddess across the face of the world.




Acrylic on Artboard

Size approx.3
12x16 inches or 30x40 cm

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