The Gold Falcon

This illustration by Geoff Taylor, was originally used on The Gold Falcon, written by Katharine Kerr,

Original Art

The Gold Falcon


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The Gold Falcon - art by Geoff Taylor
The Gold Falcon - art by Geoff Taylor
The Gold Falcon - art by Geoff Taylor
A book cover using the art - art by Geoff Taylor


In this painting by Geoff Taylor the sun is setting behind the wizard like figure in the foreground who is holding a staff in one hand and a shining light or orb in the other. There are multi-coloured shale pebbles with a piece of driftwood and falcons fly in the twilight sky.


Book 12 of the Deverry series

Synopsis for Original Title

The Gold Falcon. The powerful dweomermaster Nevyn has been reincarnated, but young Neb knows nothing of his previous life. Orphaned following a cholera epidemic, Neb and his younger brother arrive at the desolate farm of their last living relative and soon learn that a worse plague lurks beyond the western border of Deverry. The savage Horsekin tribes, spurred on by their new goddess, Alshandra, are raiding the villages and taking slaves as the first step in their plans to destroy both the nomadic Westfolk and the Deverrian farmers. Neb finds love and danger as he and his soulmate Branna are drawn inexorably into a war for the survival of the kingdom itself. Although they have powerful allies in the Westfolk dweomermasters Dallandra and Salamander, they are also facing mighty enemies, enemies that they have fought before in the past lives that they no longer remember…




Acrylic on Artboard

Size approx.3
28x19 inches or 71x48 cm

Availabe to License

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