The Sapphire Rose (v1)

This illustration by Geoff Taylor, was originally used on The Sapphire Rose (v1), written by David Eddings,

Original Art

The Sapphire Rose (v1)


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The Sapphire Rose (v1) - art by Geoff Taylor
The Sapphire Rose (v1) - art by Geoff Taylor
The Sapphire Rose (v1) - art by Geoff Taylor
The Sapphire Rose (v1) - art by Geoff Taylor


This painting by Geoff Taylor is a night scene a castle in the distance. The huge fortified gates are open showing a green light with the image of a face within it. A warrior with a sword stands before it. He looks up at the spectre, lightning bolts hit his sword tip.


The third book in the Elenium

Synopsis for Original Title

Hidden City. Aided by the goddess Aphrael, the Pandion Knight Sparhawk and his band of companions have recovered the magical jewel Bhelliom - the sapphire rose - from the cave of Ghwerig. Now they have the power to cure Ehlana, the young queen of Elenia. This is the third volume of "The Elenium" trilogy.




Acrylic on Artboard

Size approx.3
33x14 inches or 83x35 cm

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