Secret of the Sixth Magic

This illustration by Geoff Taylor, was originally used on Secret of the Sixth Magic, written by Lyndon Hardy,

Original Art

Secret of the Sixth Magic


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Secret of the Sixth Magic - art by Geoff Taylor
Secret of the Sixth Magic - art by Geoff Taylor
Secret of the Sixth Magic - art by Geoff Taylor


The hero, with a cloak, stands on a hill facing a pyramid shaped mountain his sword held high catching the light from the setting sun.

Synopsis for Original Title

The Laws of the five magics were being set aside. First to go were those of the high art of sorcery. Then true magic, upon which the commerce of all Arcadia depended, had been voided. And now even thaumaturgy, the engineering knowledge of the world, was under attack. Jemidon had traced the trouble to Melizar, the strange, cold being who had seemingly appeared from nowhere. Somehow, Melizar could alter or negate the laws that had always existed by using a mysterious metagamic - something which only he understood. If the world was to be saved from Melizar, it was up to Jemidon to save it. But whar could he do? He was only an outcast, unable to perform even the simplest ritual without ruining everything.




Gouache on Artboard

Size approx.3
13x18 inches or 33x45 cm

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