The Sword and the Satchel

This illustration by Geoff Taylor, was originally used on The Sword and the Satchel, written by Elizabeth H Boyer,

Original Art

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The Sword and the Satchel


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The Sword and the Satchel - art by Geoff Taylor
A book cover using the art - art by Geoff Taylor
A book cover using the art - art by Geoff Taylor
Das Bann des Barden - Jane Welch - art by Geoff Taylor


A sunset twilight with light catching on the mountains in the background. A vast swathe of landscape can be seen with hillsides covered with forests and a river flowing below. In the foreground a Wizard with long grey hair and beard stands on an outcrop of rock with his magic staff looking toward a young man, who wears a cape on his shoulders, sitting on top of a piece of the same rock.

Synopsis for Original Title

Kilgore had long dreamed of great adventures and magic. But when he alone proved able to draw the magic sword Kildurin, he found himself embroiled in more than he had wanted. With the aid of a crotchety old wizard, he set out for the far north across lands beset with trolls, frost giants, dark elves, and all the minions of dark sorcery. It was his duty to find and destroy the evil wizard Surt, who was threatening to bring never-ending darkness and eternal winter to the land of Skarpsey. If he could survive the perils of the journey, he would then have to face Surt alone - one man and his sword against the might of the greatest wizard and all his cohorts. And there was a further problem. There had been twenty previous attempts to end the life of Surt, and all had failed. Surt, it seemed, could not be killed!




Gouache on Artboard

Size approx.3
14x18 inches or 35x45 cm
Original (£600)

Availabe to License

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