Vengeance of Dragons

This illustration by Geoff Taylor, was originally used on Vengeance of Dragons, written by Holly Lisle,

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Vengeance of Dragons

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Detail Image Vengeance of Dragons - art by Geoff Taylor


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Vengeance of Dragons - art by Geoff Taylor


A woman with a sword raised, she stands on a rocky path in a rift in a mountain range, In front of her a lily type shape of light appears, a wolf cowers behind her.

Synopsis for Original Title

Kait Galwiegh seeks the Mirror of Souls in order to resurrect her lost family, but in order to get it she must battle with Crispin Abir who believes the artefact will make him into a god. However, using the artefact will unleash the souls of long-dead sorcerers who once conquered the world.




Acrylic on Artboard

Size approx.3
27x18 inches or 68x45 cm
Not Available

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