Setting of a Cruel Sun (00)

This illustration by Geoff Taylor, was originally used on Setting of a Cruel Sun, written by Alan Gibbons

Original Art

Setting of a Cruel Sun


Setting of a Cruel Sun (00) - art by Geoff Taylor
Setting of a Cruel Sun (00) - art by Geoff Taylor


The Helat rebels have broken the power of the demon lord and challenged the rule of their masters, the Sol-ket. But the Darkwing is merely in retreat, biding his time, and the Sol-ket will fight to their last breath to keep control of their golden cities. The power of the slaves is mounting as they rise to fulfil once-forbidden prophecies. When the Darkwing returns for his final onslaught, is anyone, soldier or slave, equipped to defeat him - especially as the cruel sun sets, beckoning a devastatingly relentless winter?




Pen & Ink on Artboard

Size approx.3
8x8 inches or 20x20 cm

Availabe to License

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