Cover Art

The images below are of Original Art that is currently available For Sale. These paintings were created within tight deadlines for a publisher and may be subject to some slight imperfections. By selecting an image you can see the details from the Art Gallery. If you see any of interest, please contact us to find out the price, arrange a viewing, or make a purchase.

Doctor Mirabilis
The Animal Wife
The Plains of...
The Plains of...
Lord of Necrond
Stone Angels
The Last Rainbow
Blood Trillium (v2)
Blood Trillium (v1)
Green Darkness
The Mistletoe and...
Lord of Lies
Citadel of Shadows
The Cyborg and the...
The Age of Chaos
The Lightless...
Dawn Wind
Crazy Games
Carrie's War
The Key Word and...
Devil Water
Book of Dead Days
Robin Hood
Kept in the Dark
The White Horse Gang
The Wizard and the...
Present Tense
Future Indefinite
The Saints of the...
House of the Wolf
Forbidden Magic
The Lightstone
Children of Destiny
The Usurper